HoloFractal Love: 12 Fractals of Love for You to Flow, Thrive & Create in This Year & Beyond

12 monthly themes with plays to explore, discover, enjoy, evolve

David A Gilbert
12 min readNov 25, 2020
Image by David Gilbert

The idea of the part containing the whole through all scales from the smallest of things in the quantum world to vastness of universes brought me to holofractality.

Holo meaning whole, complete; Fractals having qualities of self-similarity across scales, from the quantum level on up.

Through these levels a resonance harmonizes, vibrates, connects. A song of love unifying all beings and all things throughout and beyond time and space.

S ~ O ~U ~L : Self-Organizing Unifying Light

Or a variation with Universal or Unconditional Love, or create your own…
I love a good acronym especially when it invokes the qualities of what it represents. This one came to me yesterday as I pondered our holofractal nature.

Our systems self-organize the immense fractal complexity within us all the time. With greater coherence and resonance within ourselves and the world, greater harmony, well-being, and information flow.

While making my Threads of Love Calendar with images I created, themes and words emerged. I didn’t plan on having text in the calendar. One theme led to the next. The themes are holofractal in nature as well where each is unique yet encompasses all 12.

Like January’s theme of INNOCENCE & WONDER where qualities of simple pure perception and non-judgmental welcoming presence show up in each theme in some way.

Each theme a fractal, a facet of love.

The rest of text below is from the Calendar.


Have the Most Amazing Year & Beyond!

Threads of Love, everyone and everything, a weaving, a streaming, create this wondrous tapestry of mystery we call life. Each thread unique and perfect in their own way, part of the greater whole, the evolving flow.

While creating these calendars, monthly themes emerged, facets of love where each really contains all 12. Each month includes text about the theme and plays to explore during your day or whenever you’re inspired to.

Let ease, joy, play and discovery be your guide.

In Peace, Flow, Love & Joy,
David Gilbert



JANUARY invites the senses as portals to presence & clear perception as you play in the world as if for the first time, with curiosity, INNOCENCE & WONDER.

In FEBRUARY you bring this quality to yourself in a more inner-directed way to honor & appreciate you as you are, deepening your INTIMACY & CONNECTION with yourself, others & the world.

MARCH invites you to connect inwards with the ESSENCE of who you are with deep KNOWING & sense of self.

In APRIL your LISTENING & BEING invites time to dwell in the unknown & mystery.

MAY brings presence to the activities of your life with EASE & FLOW. Awareness of breath & body reveals patterns affecting flow in your life.

In JUNE you discover BEAUTY & INSPIRATION all around inside & out.

JULY inspires JOY & EXPRESSION in who you are & what you do.

AUGUST is to REST & NURTURE especially in times when your body-mind can use it most.

SEPTEMBER is time to HONOR & REMEMBER, to acknowledge & appreciate all you have been, are being & becoming. Your appreciation extends to others & the world.

OCTOBER welcomes WHOLENESS, presence & inner calm to bring balance & HARMONY with life.

NOVEMBER’s POWER & SOVEREIGNTY reigns with greater unity within, staying true to you, in integrity & empowered.

DECEMBER’s LOVE & SURRENDER welcomes you, your essence, your soulfulness, the gift of love you are, a quantum being, a thread of love in this wondrous tapestry of mystery called life.

Welcoming by David A Gilbert


INNOCENCE & WONDER ~ Experience the senses like in the world for the first time with child-like innocence, curiosity & wonder. Perceive directly without “thinking” about what’s sensed; without comparing, judging, analyzing. Feel what happens in your body-mind when you sense; a world of feelings, sensations, subtle stirrings & impulses. Wonder is playful, joyful, filled with welcoming, willingness, openness, appreciation, curiosity, discovery. Bring these qualities to the senses.

DAY PLAY: Give yourself WONDER TIME, to experience the magic of life, to sense & feel what is here now with pure & simple perception. Bring this INNOCENCE to specific senses or more global. Sense input from the outside world (listen, see, smell, touch) and/or from within your body-mind (feelings, sensations). Feel, experience with soft eyes, gentle smile, easeful breath. Play, Explore, Discover!

Nature, Nurture by David A Gilbert


INTIMACY & CONNECTION ~ Acknowledge, respect, appreciate all particles & cells of your being with gentle kindness. Appreciate You as You Are, Honoring Your Uniqueness. Invite a softening, a closeness, a Welcoming Embrace of All of You. As your connection & intimacy with yourself deepens, intimacy with others & the world deepens too.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself MOMENTS TO CONNECT with yourself, others & places/things. Feel & connect with yourself with soft attention, kindness, appreciation. Feel your support, your back, seat, feet on the ground; feel your breath moving through you, feel the clothes & air on your skin. Meet what arises in a kind, gentle way. Soft eyes, light heart, easeful breath in the hara (gut/pelvis), gentle touch. Appreciate you & all around you; a simple meeting & honoring what is.

Image by David A Gilbert


ESSENCE & KNOWING ~ The Light of You illuminates your body vehicle you’re taking for a ride on this mystery tour called Life. Our perception of ourselves may be clouded by years of conditioning & limiting beliefs, with patterns of looking outside ourselves for sense of self, validation, approval. As we turn inward & give time to the still silence within, we find our true foundation of self, our ground of being, Essence, always here, a source & resource, a wellspring to return to over & over again.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself YOU MOMENTS. Rest in the gentle presence of you, the one behind the reading of these words, thinking of thoughts & feeling of sensations. Notice if any tensions/holding in your body-mind, gently tending, not trying to change/fix. Rest, settle with your breath, your heart presence, the ESSENCE of you, the quiet KNOWING within.

Being by David A Gilbert


LISTENING & BEING ~ Invite a wholistic listening & being: heart presence, inclusive, receptive, spacious, focused, engaged, full of possibility & potential. Let go of demands on the moment, the need to know what’s next or to control outcomes. Appreciate ease, non-doing, being. Listen for the subtle nuances, quiet knowings, nudges & intuitions inspiring what’s next.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself MYSTERY MOMENTS where you dwell in the space of being. Allow a natural listening to arise. Attention soft, light, kind. Maintain clarity of presence; attention focused, engaged but not overly so. When discomfort or survival/compulsive patterns arise (like have-to’s, got-to’s, must’s, should’s), meet with gentle attention & breath, exhale into the mystery of now, rest, settle, softly, gently. Let your time & comfort in the unknown naturally & gradually increase over time without push or strain. Listen…Be…Here…Now…

Image by David A Gilbert


EASE & FLOW ~ Flow arises in many facets of life, from daily activities & your creations to great feats on the world’s stage. You may notice an activity you’ve done for years & this time it feels different; more ease & grace with a joy & depth of feeling & engagement you hadn’t felt before. When in flow less effort is required; and less need to control or know what’s next. An activity may require lots of energy, power & engagement. Yet when in flow the effort can feel effortless.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself FLOW MOMENTS. Choose EASE: Easy Attention, Soft Expansion. Notice if your body-mind feels relaxed, engaged, supported; or tense, constricted, held. Check breath, forehead (serene or tense), eyes, jaw, shoulders, gut, seat, feet. Meet what arises with gentle presence, kind attention, soft eyes, light heart, easeful natural breath in the hara (gut/pelvis).

Image by David A Gilbert


BEAUTY & INSPIRATION ~ Beauty is love expressing, spirit moments call to you to wake up, take notice, to live, to love, to enjoy what’s around you & within you. Beauty awakens, enlivens, reminds us how alive & vibrant life is, speaking to us all the time. What is beauty to you? What opens you, inspires you to create, express, live, receive, be?

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself INFUSIONS of BEAUTY that touch your heart, awaken the soul, inspire. Feel the depth of the moment when Beauty enters. Sense & feel Beauty in & around you. Inside You: a feeling, a thought, a memory, an image, a dream; the Beauty of your soulful light expressing through you. Outside You: sense, see, listen, smell, feel. Wherever you are, beauty & inspiration can be found. In the small & often over-looked: the grain of wood on a table, the play of light & shadow, a look in one’s eyes, a smile, a gesture, a scent, a voice. And in the Grandest of Things: great works of art, architecture, performance, nature, the cosmos.

Radiance by David Gilbert


JOY & EXPRESSION ~ Joy can arise in the midst of activity & engagement with others & the world; and as a natural state of being. Joy brings ease, play, wonder, fun, a lightness where you create without force or push; your unique expression gifting joy to you, others & the world.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself JOY TIME engaged in activity or simply being/listening. Choose a way of expression (writing, art, music, sound, movement, play, making a meal) you desire to do or already do. Do in the spirit of JOY, just for the fun of it, not goal-driven or attached to outcome. Notice what’s motivating you. Notice your body-mind, your presence, your breath & if any constrictions. Give time to arrive into the moment & yourself. Let go of any push, over-doing if any. See if a natural, spontaneous flow emerges.

Rest by David A Gilbert


REST & NURTURE ~ Honor yourself in daily life, not pushing/over-doing. Hear the signs & calls for nourishment, rest & renewal when you feel fatigue, overwhelm, frustration, discomfort, self-sabotaging behaviors. When life feels too fast, too intense, the best thing you can do for yourself & others is to give time to what nurtures & restores.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself NURTURE TIME to rest, restore & renew. Cultivate resource within yourself, return to your breath, your heart presence, essence, seat, feet. Find what nurtures & nourishes you: stillness & silence, a cup of tea, music, time in nature, meal with a partner/family/friend, expression through writing, art, music, movement. Just a few minutes here & there can revitalize & energize; brings your body-mind into balance & harmony & can last for hours or longer. Choose one or more. Longer periods (hours, days, weeks) are highly beneficial to rest & digest change & transformation.

Going Dimensional by David A Gilbert


HONOR & REMEMBER ~ You are ever-changing, ever-evolving dynamic, whole, complete & perfect in your uniqueness. Acknowledge, appreciate, honor yourself & the beings in your life ~ past, present & future; the roles they play; the gifts given & received; how your past shapes you. Remember the threads of love & light you & others are, each with a unique expression & journey.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself MOMENTS of HONOR to acknowledge & appreciate All of You, who You were, are & will be! REMEMBER how far you have come, where you were & are now. Honor, Remember others, past circumstances & how they inform who you are now. Discover something new about you. Honor & appreciate your unique way of being in the world, & others & their uniqueness. Be open to, welcome & discover new gifts & opportunities as they arise in the moment.

Earth Love by David A Gilbert


WHOLENESS & HARMONY ~ Wholeness, a natural state, inclusive, peaceful, gentle, loving, always present, always here, invites a sense of calm, connection, confidence, comfort in your own skin & a knowing all is well.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself HARMONY TIME. Be still & know, you are whole, complete, always changing, a perfect thread of love in this tapestry of mystery. At times your perception & experience may feel fragmented or scattered, not in balance or at peace. Let your sense of self gather, consolidate your attention through your core, the midline of your body. Rest in your support, your back, seat, feet, easy breath in the hara (gut/pelvis). With gentle attention, gather, rest, settle into the moment’s welcoming.

Image by David A Gilbert


POWER & SOVEREIGNTY ~ Power is an internal state of neutrality, peace, flow, love, strength. Sovereignty is your birthright, the Light of You shining brightly, your inner strength, power & presence. At times we may give our power & peace away to things inside or outside us. Inside: thoughts, beliefs, stories, sensations, feelings, memories, images. Outside: words/actions of others, information, news, people, places, foods, inputs from senses (smells, sounds, images, touch). Awareness of when your sense of power diminishes is immensely revealing & insightful. Signs include frustration, overwhelm, constriction of breath and/or tension in body like face, jaw, neck, shoulders, gut, pelvis.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself POWER MOMENTS, know your natural Sovereignty, your birthright, your Light. Notice when you feel empowered (strong, solid, in integrity) or disempowered. If disempowered, notice if from inside or out. Meet what arises with kind attention, gentle natural breath in hara (gut/pelvis), neutrality & love.

Surrender by David A Gilbert


LOVE & SURRENDER ~ Love is the force animating Life. Even though Love expresses as so many forms, an underlying current is always present we can align to & flow with. Surrender is a powerful unified state of being where you are in alignment with the love & truth of who you are. In surrender you open to the highest possibilities & outcomes. Surrender arises from your deep knowing, peace & being, a natural, responsive, dynamic state where actions are skillful, powerful & of integrity, love, grace.

DAY PLAY ~ Give Yourself TIME to SURRENDER into the Love & Light You Are. You are a quantum being, a unique & beautiful expression, the gift of you connecting to all around you. Check in, feel your breath, your heart, your soul essence, align with who & what you are, Peace, Presence, Flow, Love, Life. Allow what arises to be met in the space of you, the vastness inside outside in.


~ Do the play of the month each day or when inspired.
~ Read through all 12 months & use what inspires whenever you choose.
~ Randomly flip to other months & do that month’s play.
~ Make the Plays your own, modify or create new ones.

Suggestions when to do the Plays:

~ Mornings & Evenings
~ Random moments when inspired
~ Use a timer/alarm during the day
~ During transition times: before or after activities, travel, commute,
meetings, break times, meal times

Suggested Preparation:

Before you begin a Play, give yourself time to arrive, wherever you are, gather your attention, feel the support of the chair, bed, or whatever you are on, rest, settle.

Notice, appreciate the space around you, see something of interest, listen to the space, notice how you feel, notice the quality of your breath, natural, easy, letting go on an exhale or two.

Choose an intention if you like for the exploration — maybe there’s something specific related to the day.

Keep the intention simple, clear, open to possibilities, an invitation.
And begin the play!

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Have the most amazing 2022 & Beyond!
Peace-waves & Love-tides,
David Gilbert



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